6 New Videos You Need to See

Our visual half dozen includes #millenialprobs, paint scoffing, and hell of a lotta moor walking this week

With the advent of high-speed internet, we’re living in a bit of a golden age for the music video – but we’re also reaching a point where you see at least one of the bloody things every time you open your eyes.

The question is, how do you know which videos are stone cold classics and which are just dust in the wind of the World Wide Web?

As usual, we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up the most notable clips from the last seven days from the far-flung recesses of the internet.

Check them out after the drop.

Fear of Men - Island

Directed by Eleanor Hardwick

What better says “piss off you fuckboy” to an ex than a stride around a misty moor in your nan’s wedding dress and doing a power pose in the centre of a circle made of fire? The band’s Jessica Weiss does this and moor (ha) in this video for the driving, resplendent Island while adding empowering intonations like “I will shed you like I shed my body” and “I’m like an island, I don’t need to feel your arms around me”. Fuck yeah, weird spooky girl power.

Nai Harvest - Just Like You

Directed by Natalie Wardle

Ben Thompson and Lew Currie of joyous fuzz pop duo Nai Harvest are right boring bastards in this. A lady in a pink leotard is trying her very best to get them going, but they’re somewhere else – thinking about chips, the new series of Bear Grylls’ The Island, or whether LCD Soundsystem’s reunion means they’ve irrevocably tainted their legendary status in the pursuit of ever more cash, perhaps. Anyway, I bet this lady (who also scoffs paint in the name of art, here) was shattered at the end of this.

A$AP Ferg - Let It Bang ft. ScHoolboy Q

Ferg goes in on the Wu-Tang references riiight before ScHoolboy Q’s verse burns someone’s house down (according to the comments, that is).

Future - Low Life ft. The Weeknd

Directed by Zac Facts

Dear God – I totally have a theory that The Weeknd is a serial killer on the weekends, but you have to give it to him, everything he features on turns to solid gold. At least, sonically. This video isn’t anything to write home about – a bunch of voiceless ladies in nice dresses hang out in dirty places, a souped-up car pulls up really slowly, there’s lots of blurry brickwork, etc. Yawn. Future is also indecipherable, as usual.

Cross Record - Lemon

Directed by Andrew McGlennon

Here’s a band you might not have heard before, but we must insist you try – Texas’ Cross Record. They live way out in the middle of nowhere (as sinisterly shown in their video for last single Basket), but they’re deep in the city in these visuals for Lemon. The main subject of the video, a man with one million eye crinkles and many layers of clothing, is left frustratingly unexplained but despite his lack of backstory, he’s utterly engaging.

Dilly Dally - Snakehead

Directed by David Waldman

On the surface this one looks like a bit of glitchy art-twat nonsense moaning about #millenialprobs, but add a wheelbarrowful of used tampon applicators, a raft of funny subtitles, and so much self-awareness it hurts, and baby, you’ve got a stew going.


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