Okay Kaya’s debut album Both was full of titillated wittiness. She sung about IUDs, flipped a Matrix reference into a BDSM anthem and delivered the perfect line: “Do you dance like you fuck, or do you dance like you make love?” all the while channelling a certain choral opulence.

Now, Norwegian-born, New York-based Kaya Wilkins is pivoting to feelings on her latest album Watch This Liquid Pour Itself, a cocktail of revelations on anxiety, average sex and Jon Bon Jovi. For Downtime, her vision is similarly wide-scope, as she picks some of her favourite pastimes below.

Loading Mercury With a Pitchfork

Richard Brautigan

This is a special book of poems – perhaps today they would be tweets. I like all of Richard Brautigan, I like his voice when he reads Trout Fishing in America onto a tape and calls out the cables like they “look like some kind of Frankenstein Munster”.

The snail sex scene in Microcosmos

Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou

I’ve tried to explain to many people that this scene is pretty much an exact depiction of my sexuality. The song! The moss! The full blown unity! Yes please.

Bird of Prey

Edvard Munch

I have this hanging in my kitchen at home. It’s a poem by Edvard Munch in Norwegian, which roughly translates to:

A bird of prey
Has taken abode inside me
Its claws sticking to the inside of my heart
Its beak buried in my chest
Its wingspan darkening my state of mind.

Okay Kaya appears at Pitchfork Berlin on 8 May.


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