Mitski has toured a lot.

We only managed to get her on the phone for our current cover story during a brief break in between shows. Her shows have also become the focal point of her social and political values – creating safe spaces for minority groups and fostering a general environment of inclusion and acceptance.

The tour and the show is now a huge part of Mitski’s operation. Thankfully, we don’t have much longer to wait for EU dates. As her grind continues and her shows continue to reach even bigger audiences, Mitski picked out 12 after-show anthems for us with a little added commentary. Listen to all the tracks in a handy YouTube playlist at the bottom.

The Stooges: I Wanna Be Your Dog

This is what it feels like right after you play a great show, and this is why I can’t quit playing shows.

Vince Staples: Señorita

I love all of Vince Staples’ stuff, but this one is a good “single” to introduce people to him. I usually feel like listening to rap when we first get back in the van after the gig.

Björk: Hyperballad

First of all, I think Björk is some kind of lyrical God, not to put her on a pedestal or anything. I love the poetry of the lyrics, but realistically I chose this as a good transition song to gently come down from the buzzy rap atmosphere without dropping anyone too immediately.

James Blake: I Need a Forest Fire ft. Bon Iver

Okay now let’s eeeease into the post-show comedown.

Hundred Waters: Show Me The Love

I toured with Hundred Waters when I was first starting to tour big professional venues as opposed to dive bars and people’s houses, and now that I’m where they were then I realise just how generous and caring of me and my band they were. I was like an ungrateful child who didn’t realise what my parents were doing for me. And now I try to follow their example when I bring bands on tour. Anyway, this song would make me cry every night on that tour.

Trey Songz: All We Do

Who doesn’t love a good Trey Songz sex jam?

Prince: Something In The Water

Look, just buy this Prince album if you haven’t already, because after 20 minutes of trying to find the original version online and then finally finding one that sounds like it was recorded by a phone being held next to a computer speaker, you will feel like you should just fucking pay the £15 or however much it costs over there.

F. Chopin: Nocturne in F Minor Op.55 No.1 (Vladimir Horowitz recital)

It’s important that you play the version by Horowitz, because unlike the indie rock or pop world, in the classical world the rule of thumb is that the more established the player, the better or simply the more reliable their performance. And don’t tell me you don’t like Chopin, every sad teenager fucking loves Chopin.

Joni Mitchell: A Case of You

A good transition back into pop and rock music after the straight piano track. I never really got into Joni Mitchell until I had a few real adult relationships.

Beyoncé: Superpower

Doesn’t this just make you tear up and feel holy and strong and alive? Thank you Beyoncé, thank you Frank Ocean.

Carly Rae Jepsen: Run Away With Me

Carly Rae Jepsen is the torchbearer for true pop music in the classical sense. You can feel safe taking your pre-teen children to a Carly Rae show, and you as a parent will also have a great time, and your sad 22 year old who’s living with you again after university because they couldn’t find a job will also have a genuinely great time.

Lana Del Rey: Young and Beautiful

I love Lana.

Enjoy Mistki’s selections below via a YouTube playlist and check out our cover story here


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