FKA twigs is Crack Magazine’s icon of the decade.

As part of our ongoing celebration of her work, we invited some of twigs’ key collaborators and peers to pose one question each to her. Read on for musings on the future of technology courtesy of Nicolas Jaar, superhero dream teams with Erykah Badu and much more.

Before and After

Nicolas Jaar

Hi twigs, will we still be looking at screens in a decade from now? What do you think 2029 will look like?

I think that generationally we are all becoming more aware of the impact of constant screen gazing. Sleep deprivation, poor eyesight, anxiety, and the alteration of IRL relationships to name a few. So that being said, I think that we will still be looking at screens but perhaps stricter personally applied screen times and help for those who feel that their addiction is impacting their life and social skills. I definitely feel the pull towards real-life experiences, nature and a more pure human experience. I don’t think I am the only one.

I don’t really know what 2029 will look like. If we keep destroying our precious planet it’s not going to be great though.

Wolfgang Tillmans

Did you ever take a London tube line to a last stop (which was not Heathrow)?

I actually have a weird reaction to any movement like a train, bus or plane – I instantly fall asleep. I am always that person snoozing away on any journey, long or short. So yes, as you can imagine I have woken up in some pretty far places.

Tierra Whack

How do you think artist and fan interaction has changed over the last 10 years?

The mystery of an artist is harder to preserve now due to social media. I strongly believe that me sharing what I make with like-minded individuals resonates louder than sharing what I had for breakfast this morning. I have always liked to keep the interaction more focused and naive in that way.

However, it’s nice to be able to directly interact at any moment with anyone in the world. For me, it’s about a balance I guess. I do miss a good old-fashioned postal fan club though.

Erykah Badu

Cast a seven woman, super(natural) hero, sci-fi, romance/soft porn but with a comedic twist, in the hood. Tell me each character’s superpower.

Nico: A woman who can summon the wind with her voice and caress or destroy using this earthly element at her will.

Dolly Parton: Can mind-read what men are thinking at all times and uses this skill to gain information to use for her advantage.

Ariana Grande: Uses her sweet voice to create orgasmic waves through the air causing bystanders to genitally combust in ecstasy and during their phantom post-coital daze they slip into a hardcore slumber allowing her to continue her mission in peace.

Naomi Campbell: Can kill with a look and bring back to life with a kiss.

Claire Barrow: Can draw little critters on the ground using chalk. When she pours orange juice on the drawings they spring to life and serve you in whatever way you wish.

FKA twigs: Has the unique ability to skill swap with anyone at her wish. She could be a brain surgeon or a martial arts master at any moment; all she has to do is get the vessel holder of her desired skill to bite her bottom, and then her top lip, and their life’s craft is immediately hers to do with what she wishes.

Erykah Badu: Has the ability to put people in a trance with her magic gaze. She then asks them really in-depth and creatively challenging questions they are obliged to answer due to the hypnosis and it takes really long, and is reaaalllyyy challenging. Whilst they are in a fluster trying to answer the question she does really productive things like saving the world.

Dev Hynes

Alright mate? So I was wondering what, if any, literature were you reading or looking to in regards to when you were starting out, and comparatively, during the process of MAGDALENE?

I was reading The Sacred Prostitute by Nancy Qualis Corbet, and a book about Spikenard which is the oil Mary Magdalene used to bathe Jesus’ feet on the cross. But I can’t find it to tell you the author right now. I was going deep, haha.


Hi! When we first met you hadn’t released any music as yet, but it was clear then that there were many creative avenues your vision could have taken, and not just musically. In that you have this very humbling ability to excel in – and combine/synthesise – the things you put your mind to, can you imagine a parallel version of yourself who chose a different avenue? What music or outlet would she be working with?

I’ve always been interested in psychology and studied it at college with the aspiration to bean art psychologist for children.

I think that in another dimension I’d have a clinic where I’d help young people express themselves and heal through art.

Maybe its something I’ll return to later in life.

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