Happy Valentine’s Day everybody.

It can be tough. When you’re in a relationship, striking the balance between extravagance and humility can be challenging. When you’re single, it’s a rocky cocktail of Tinder, Spotify ads, microwavable cannelloni and a lingering sense of doom.

Either way, it’s tough.

As a sound and cultural phenomenon, grime and British rap has always had a remarkable frankness. Lyrics come clear – messages hit home. In terms of romance, it’s power no different.

To soundtrack your Valentine’s Day we’ve picked out 11 tracks from grime through its various ages. Some of from the game’s modern romeos while others showcase the ringtone romantics of yesteryear. We’ve also picked out one standout charming bar from each which you can take and use on any and all potential suiters.

Share the love. Together.


Kano: Nite Nite


“I call her sometimes and I wake her up at some dumb times / Touch my phone and her number my thumb finds”


Sway Dasafo: Love Story 05


“Slap me? What for? I would never cheat on you, even if I was on tour”


Novelist: Girls Around The World


“You’re my one and only, diamond girl, you’re my one and only / There’s one and only. Chosen, chosen, one and only”


Imperial Squad: Beside Of U


“I cant believe how we turned out, were still on firm grounds, I thought after a year we would burn out… But the fire remains were still burnin”


Ruff Sqwad: Together ft. Wiley


“She can be my queen, I can be her king / We can do a ting. She smiles at me, I smile at her / She’s so spectacular”


Stormzy: Birthday Girl

“You’re the birthday queen, what’s the drama? / I’ll be your shinin’ knight, where’s my armor?”


Skepta: Text Me Back


“I’ve been around the world and back / I ain’t met anybody I wanna be with more than you / That’s why when the sun goes down at night man are calling you”


Twissman: Women Psychology


“I don’t wanna fall in love, but she looks like she fell from above”


Kano: Brown Eyes


“I got a thing for them eyes, them pretty brown eyes and them city guys look back when they see us walk by”


Skepta: Lush ft. Jay Sean


“Then a think twice like slow down Joseph what I really wanna know is:
1. What you drinkin?
2. What you thinkin?
3. Who you linkin?
‘Cause I hope he’s not here that’s a beautiful face you got there”


Tinie Tempah: Wifey


“She’s like me she likes a slice of mango in her ice cream and dress all smart with the right jeans so her and me are a tight team”


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