Secretsundaze take us through 15 record-bag mainstays ahead of their 15th birthday later this month

Having expanded beyond their original London Sunday party to include a label and booking agency, and forged illustrious individual DJ careers, the Secretsundaze duo mark their 15th birthday by harking back to what started it all. The celebratory party on 28 August at Oval Space with Prosumer, Nick Höppner and Jane Fitz precedes new material to be released as Secretsundaze later this year.

Read ahead for a list of some of the tunes to soundtrack the standout moments of one of the most consistent careers since the turn of the century so far.

Ron Trent and Chez Damier - Morning Factory

Prescription (1994)

What can you say about this record? Mesmerising, sensual and possibly the greatest house track of all time. It needs to be handled with care though. We can only remember dropping it a few times at the party – the final track at our arena at Lovebox in the early days and Panorama Bar back in 2009 or so.

Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files - Taking Over Me

Hospital (2000)

A decade or so before Trevino was even a twinkle in his eye, Marcus Intalex dropped this breaks / house gem on hospital records. So good we licensed it for the 10 years of Secretsundaze compilation and it appeared on the vinyl sampler too. Dope!

Nu Guinea - Nu World

Tartelet (2015)

One of our favourite records of the last couple of years. Amazing instrumentation, great musicianship, incredibly funky & a killer vocal. Soulful house music for the modern day at its finest.

Los Hermanos - Birth of 3000

Los Hermanos (2002)

This was a closing set opening track for nearly every set in our second year upstairs in the loft room at 93 Feet East (RIP) and also at The Poet. Stunning. Shouts out to ‘Quetzal’ too from the same series.

Endian - Finish Me

Secretsundaze (2015)

George Levings aka Metalheadz artist Commix aka Endian is a good friend of ours, our head engineer at our Secretsundaze Studios project and a recording artist for our label. This is without doubt one of our proudest moments as label heads. Epic, futuristic, an instant classic.

Clyde feat. Capitol A - Serve It Up

Mantis (2003)

Secretsundaze staple to this day and our favourite hip-house record, period. Badass!

Mount Rushmore - You Better (Es Cavalett Remix)

MCA (1998)

The anthem of anthem’s and still sound so good to this day. Never really left our box.

Michoacan - 2 Bullets (Disaster)

Grayhound (2004)

In the early to mid 2000s our sound had a definite disco & punk-funk leaning and this track with its house sensibility perfectly captures that side of things. It reminds us of The Poet days, possibly our fondest era..

Paul Rutherford - Get Real

4th & Broadway (1988)

Another Poet classic. This would get the diehard fans in a tiz when it was a dropped regularly right at the peak of the party.

Counterplan - 90° (DJ Q Remix)

Soma Quality Recordings (1998)

Glasgow’s DJ Q was an astonishingly great producer at his peak and this remix of Counterplan always turned heads. We remember this being huge on the roof at Canvas circa 2007.

Ignition - Love Is War (Chicken Lips Remix)

Kingsize (2004)

There was a time when we couldn’t get enough of Chicken Lips. Their analogue productions were some of the biggest and fullest sounding records of the day. This is our favourite remix of theirs, plus it’s of our good friend and James’ ex flat mate, Ali Love.

Larry Heard - Saga Of The Evil Queen

Distance (1997)

Firm favourite from the early days. Larry Heard doing more futuristic techno. Those big warm chords kill us every time!

Serge Santiago - Atto D'amore (Dub Version)

Arcobaleno (2005)

We were lucky to have this on Test Press before its release in the summer of 2005 and it swiftly became one of our biggest records of the year. Definitely the more ravey end of our spectrum, it used to destroy The Poet back in the day! Insane compression on this record..

Voyage - I Love You Dancer

Sirocco (1980)

A classic ‘one more’, not so much these days but 5 years ago it was our go to record for the end of the night. Records like this encapsulate the sound and vibe of Secretsundaze as much as the more lazy, deep house warm-up style records that you might more commonly think of us. Killer!

DJ Genesis - Get Out The Frame (Franck's Street Vox Remix)

Real Tone (2006)

Franck Roger turns it out on this remix. One for the soulful heads. Mike Huckaby dropped this at our Black Mkt boat party on the Hudson in NYC 5 or 6 years ago and it’s been in our boxes ever since.

Secretsundaze celebrate their 15th Birthday with a very special extended day and night session at Oval Space on Bank Holiday Sunday 28th August with guests Prosumer, Nick Hoppner and Jane Fitz. Tickets at RA


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