Sorry, we’ve been away for a little while. Welcome back to Staying In, your dodgy timeshared villa of content for the weekend ahead.

Today (20 January) is a big day for all kinds of reasons. Not least the return of our weekly guide on what you need to watch, read and listen to this weekend. You really need not leave the house in times as turbulent as this. You can stay under the covers. Stay comfortable. Stay entertained. Stay in.

He Will Not Divide Us

As of the inauguration, a camera is fixed outside the Museum of Moving Image in New York City, broadcasting live. For the next four years, the public is invited to stand in front of the camera and say “He will not divide us”. It’s a new art project by Luke Turner, Shia LaBeouf and Nastja Säde Rönkkö (collectively known as The Campaign Book). Launching with Jaden Smith repeating the mantra of empowerment, the piece is live from here on out. He will not divide us.

Episode 94: Solange: Cranes In The Sky

Song Exploder

On the Song Exploder podcast, artists are invited to dissect a single track from their catalogue. It’s long been a popular podcast among music nerds and their most recent episode was one of the best yet. Solange sits down with host Hrishikesh Hirway and talks us through the seven year process behind one of 2016’s defining singles.

Meet Dr. BJ FOGG: Master of Persuasive Technology


Have you been dreaming in Chrome tabs? Finding yourself insatiably pulled toward your admittedly rubbish Facebook feed? If so, then you might find this long read with digital scholar and ‘Master of Persuasive Technology’ BJ Fogg pretty interesting. Exploring the addictive properties of digital technology and social media, and how to break away from them, it’s a stirring read for those struggling to balance their IRL and URL lives.

Podcast 46: Marcos Cabral presents: Hardest Working Man


Brooklyn resident Marcos Cabral kicks off the year with a mix composed entirely of unreleased material for the L.I.E.S podcast series, meandering from narcotic lo-fi house to moody acid and punchy machine funk.

Paul Beatty talks about his award-winning, post-race novel, 'The Sellout'


Last year’s MAN Booker prize winning novel The Sellout is an absurdist satire set in a black neighbourhood in LA, that takes an almost morally nihilistic approach to race relations in America (at a particular prescient time). In this rare interview with i-D, author Paul Beatty outlines some of the unique principles that guide his singular voice.

Episode 20: Jeff Weiss

Mama We Made It

Mama We Made It is a podcast where Anoush Moin and Joe Rausch conduct honest, unfiltered conversations with their guests about the long path to success and prosperity. Their most recent guest is Jeff Weiss – one of the most respected hip-hop journalists in the world. Their conversation covers a lot of ground – sport, tragedy, Dr Dre and Weiss’ legendary Passion of the Weiss blog. Listen to their conversation here and have a look around the blog if you haven’t already.

Radio Ghibli Part 1 (1986-1992)

NTS Radio

We are confident that this NTS special of Studio Ghibli soundtrack cuts can cure any hangover or comedown. 🙏🏼

Kelly Lee Owens Finds Her Voice

Crack Magazine

From our latest issue, Kelly Lee Owens meets Ben Murphy and discusses the process that led to her upcoming debut album. Having embraced the figures and sounds of underground electronic music for a number of years, her own sound is finally coming to life. Read the profile here.


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