Two giants of the UK garage scene and the foundational movements which it emerged from, Sticky and Scott Garcia are uniquely placed to provide a history lesson in the anthems which define the culture and continue to cement its lasting impact today.

As they gear up to play Malibu’s Pool Party in London on 28 July, we caught up with them to try and pin down the spirit of the sound in just 10 tracks.

Scott Garcia


24 hr Experience – Together

This was the first Grant Nelson track I heard and still a favourite in the clubs to this day, never fails to get a big reaction on the dancefloor.


Myron – We Can Get Down (Groove Chronicles)

This track is velvet UK garage at its very best: haunted vibes and a ridiculously deep sub bass. A really classy track, probably my favourite GC record out of their many classics.


Double 99 – R.I.P. Groove

Taken from the legendary D99 double pack RIP Groove was the first and still the best Speed Garage track ever made.


Sunship – Check One, Two

Always loved the arrangement on the intro of this track, the stabs and vocal just cut through the mix and basically sound great with anything, incredibly DJ Friendly track!


Tuff Jam Republic – Just Gets Better

Perfect combination of rolling drums, soulful tones and pitched up edits. Could have easily done a top 10 Tuff Jam records as they put out so much good music in the late 90’s but this one, as the chorus says “just gets better with time” Classic!



Rosie Gaines – Closer Than Close

This record was and entry point for me getting into garage. Very soulful vocal on this track. Heard this in ’97. I can’t believe it’s over 20 years old!


M Dubs – I'm Right (Over Here)

This track was the first garage record I heard with a reggae dancehall vocal courtesy of the legendary Richie Dan. Came out around the same time as Rosie Gaines.


Zed Bias – Neighbourhood

This was another naughty track that I still play out now.


Wookie – Battle

I’ve could of picked any of Wookie’s tracks but this one ticked all the boxes for me. Classic!


More Fire Crew – Oi

Shouldn’t really have to explain what this record still does in clubs. It started has a club banger, got banned from clubs for a bit, now it’s a classic!


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