Snowbombing always feels like the end of winter, a last nod to colder climes and the beginning of the sunshine season. The weather is warm but just a gondola ride away temperatures are a few degrees colder. A further chairlift away and you’re at the mercy of the elements.

The variation of what you can achieve in a week of partying, skiing and combinations of the two is what makes Snowbombing so successful. With parties running until 6am, picking the right battles at is an essential part of the puzzle. I started with an opening salvo of Giggs and Run The Jewels at the Racket Club, a venue big on size and production. Another thing Snowbombing is big on is hype; those in attendance at events are rarely seen caressing drinks or pondering the intricacies of the last mix. It follows that parties are heavy on bangers and the booking in The Racket club reflected this: Andy C’s brutal onslaught on Tuesday took no prisoners as his brand of pure face-smashing, lightening fast and impeccably mixed drum’n’bass emerged as true highlight of the week.

But what about the slopes? A quick scan of the mountain in between improving my carving technique reveals shacks playing reggae and classic house being pumped out in a valley – there was even a smattering of traditional Austrian music. Hunting in and around the mountainside proved to be among the most the fruitful times with the obligatory schnapps selection adding intently to our experiences, with snow conditions at a good level all week.

Back in the town the stimulation is constant at every turn. From impromptu balcony parties to apres ski DJ sets in the local butchers with Skream playing a rather energetic party set while the locals serve the finest cuts of beef. Aside from the bigger acts, the late night beats served by the evergreen DJ Koze, Midland and the three-hour special from Dixon made sure the house and techno end of the spectrum was sufficiently served.

Taking what you need from Snowbombing for a week is easy. Despite 6,000 bombers residing in the town of Mayrhofen at any one time, the location never feels overrun. You can flit between an Oasis tribute band and a selection of contemporary spinners with ease, with the emphasis remaining, always, on guilt-free good times. Eighteen years in, and Snowbombing knows what its audience wants – and delivers.