Warehouse Project, Manchester

Dekmantel’s elevation to the zenith of credible electronic music culture centres around their three-day Amsterdam festival in August every year, but scouring the line-up at Warehouse Project tonight, it’s easy to see the foundation for their success is built on homegrown artists which serve as the brand’s core.

Whether it’s the tough melodious techno that brand founders Dekmantel Soundsystem serve up early doors in room two, or the spacey cosmic sounds of Interstellar Funk in the really well thought-through third room, we’re presented with a rich vein of Dutch DJ talent. It’s the latter set that stands out among the bigger names on the bill; a selection of deeper italo influenced cuts making their mark on a crowd.

But Dekmantel are far from insular. Call Super and Shanti Celeste are two guests that have had the full support from the festival. What’s more, their coming together on the main stage showcases quite how far both these DJs have come in the last 12 months, the back-to-back set an uplifting celebration of the varied styles that they both push as DJs.

One of Warehouse Project’s unique abilities is to make main room DJs feel like full superstars and both the main attractions have this feel. Robert Hood’s sets have often had a spiritual flavour, with gospel overtures existing alongside his rattling techno – and this one, performed to a packed room, is majestic. Dekmantel mainstay Marcel Dettmann’s functional, yet totally engaging techno onslaught transitioned into full EBM toward the end, which felt like a perfect close. But rather than the night belonging solely to the main room, this showcase from arguably the best electronic brand in the business saw the love shared around the whole complex. A great dispatch of the underground to Manchester’s biggest club venue.