Glastonbury: Day Three Report

“Did you enjoy the support band? Anyone? Who was it? Take That?”

Yesterday’s billing of Sleaford Mods straight after Slaves on the John Peel stage was a funny one. A few weeks ago, a number music websites circulated the news that the Mods’ frontman Jason Williamson had accused Slaves of ripping them off in our June cover feature, before describing the Kent duo as “fucking appalling”. But aside from Williamson’s gag quoted above, there was no drama, with Slaves – who pulled in a crowd roughly twice the size of the Mods’ audience – choosing not to mention the beef.

But the consecutive sets also highlighted some interesting similarities and differences between the two acts. “If you’re not happy in your line of work, try something else. SIMPLE,” Slaves declared before launching into their single Cheer Up London, sending a message out to all those low-income, low-prospect workers who can’t be bothered to go out and get their dream job. They probably blame their situation on high unemployment levels, the global recession, or the policies of our recently re-elected right wing government or something, the miserable bastards! Then around an hour later, Sleaford Mods performed their dole anthem Jobseeker (“Jobseeker / Can of Strongbow, I’m a mess / Desperately clutching onto a leaflet on depression supplied to me by the NHS”). We’ll let you decide who’s the more important punk band. Our policy on this subject is completely and utterly unbiased, of course.

And on a more, erm, happy note, Pharrell (by the way, I’ve just found out that he’s forty fucking two! He should do his own brand of anti-aging cream) condensed an obscene number hits in his set, while sharing a stage with the choreographed dance crew The Baes, an entourage of female festival goers and finally a group of adorable kids. It was a crowded scene which contrasted with the starkness of Kanye’s guest-light set (which I thought was seminal). It seems like a lot of people had their hopes up for some big name guest appearances. What do you think? Minimal or lazy? Gripping or dull? Kan-Ye or Kan-Nay?