The Roundhouse, London

Oneohtrix Point Never’s critically acclaimed MYRIAD concert series came to a theatrical close at London’s Roundhouse recently. The show features a live band including experimental pianist Kelly Moran, musician and producer Aaron David Ross, percussionist Eli Keszler and characteristically otherworldly live visuals from OPN’s longtime collaborator Nate Boyce.

Rather than recreating Age Of live, Daniel Lopatin conducts a multi-sensory reimagining of the 2018 album. Described as a “concertscape” when it debuted, the MYRIAD live experience reflects the album’s assessment of excess and engorgement. By using suspended physical sculpture, vast digital visuals, rich live instrumentation and processions of cowgirls – a feeling of sensory overload and hyper-stimulation was reached between pockets of Lopatin’s more blissful compositions.

Crack Magazine photographer Ro Murphy captured the show which started off with a support set from our current cover star, Kelsey Lu.