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Legend has it that Julio Bashmore has read every single Star Trek novel.

That’s pretty much impossible – the Shatnerverse series alone boasts ten instalments. But he’s definitely read quite a few of them, which is testament to the utter devotion he has towards his inspirations, or something. Anyway, the fiery-haired Bristolian has finally got round to releasing his debut album Knockin’ Boots – a record that blends his distinctive style of bass-heavy house with luxurious dousings of disco, funk and 80s pop. We called him up to chat about Dungeons & Dragons, Debenhams’ restaurant and hybridising meat-based dishes.

Who’s your favourite member of Slipknot?
I’ll have to say Joey, his upside down drum kit is pretty mesmerising.

And who’s your favourite character in The Wire?
Probably Bubbles. He’s got an honest soul.

What’s your signature recipe?
My Great British Skewer. It’s a kebab with a miniature beef wellington, a Cornish pasty and a miniature ham hock. It’s a medieval banquet for one on a skewer.

Delicious. If you were trying to seduce a potential lover, what would you play?
I feel that Marvin is the obvious choice. I think it’s bold. And I think it’s good to be bold with this kind of thing, so fuck it – stick some Marvin on.

If you could pick a surrogate grandparent who would it be?
Vince McMahon.

What’s your favourite boardgame?
Probably Dungeons & Dragons. It’s long, it’s a quest. Once all this bullshit dies down, I’m gonna be back in the game.

Happy hardcore or jump-up drum ‘n’ bass?
Erm … I’ve never been to a happy hardcore night, but I’ve been to a couple of drum ‘n’ bass nights, so I’ll go with happy hardcore.

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?
Define ‘met’. Because I was sat down eating a sandwich at Coachella once and when I looked behind me, Katy Perry was also sat down. No words were exchanged, but I think we might have caught eyes.

What was the last book you read?
I Partridge, We Need to Talk About Alan.

Out of all the tracks you’ve recorded, what’s your least favourite?
Probably… I don’t know, it’s a tough one. I’m generally happy with all of them, but I used to struggle with remixes a lot. So it’s probably one of those.

Would you go for a pint with Kanye West?
Yeah, absolutely. I think we’d do something more ambitious, because y’know he’s an ambitious guy.

Maybe share a Great British Skewer with him?
I think I’d readjust it to an all-game menu – pheasant, partridge…

What’s the longest you’ve run in one go?
It’s probably not that impressive. I get bored. If I’m trying to exercise it’ll probably be a maximum of 10-15 minute runs.

Have you ever shoplifted?
Never. Not at least intentionally. I’ve never committed any crime.

Good boy. Do you have a nickname?
There’s been a few over the years. It started off with Minnie Mouse, Maggot, Piglet, then Pig, and now it’s Bash.

Aside from Bash, they’re some seriously unflattering nicknames.
I think it comes from having three older brothers.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
Probably Debenhams restaurant. At one point, just before I left, someone had their wedding reception there. They clearly didn’t want to be there. Both of them had the roast, but I’m pretty sure one person had the all-day fry up.

Describe the worst haircut you’ve ever had.
It was short on the back and the sides, the parting was run down the middle of some kind of mid-length hair, forming the shape of a curtain with heavily applied gel. Pair that with a matching tracksuit of your older sibling. A pretty strong look actually.

What’s your favourite drunken snack?
One of the best fusion cuisines I’ve ever had, in New York where they have a big Jamaican and Italian population. You get a Jamaican patty but it’s got big slab of mozzarella on top. Fucking incredible man.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do after this interview?
Another interview. I’ve rented a room in Claridges. It’s going to be like Notting Hill, my dog Gryff is my Hugh Grant.

Knockin’ Boots is out now via Broadwalk. Catch Julio Bashmore at The Garden Party, Leeds, 29 August