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This is Cue Points, a series where DJs get granular with current tracks in their sets, giving us the low-down on what makes them work.

Bristol’s Borai is next up with an armful of jungle, dubstep and hardcore tunes plucked from deep in the crates. “A little trip down memory lane,” says the DJ, producer and Club Glow crew member – whose killer new track, Got To (Have Your Love) is currently premiering online and drops this Friday (30 June) via a Vernacular Records compilation. “These are all tracks that have either directly inspired me,” he continues, “and ones I am playing in my sets.”

A long-established figure in his home city and beyond, Borai’s had a many career highlight over the years, including the continued success of Make Me – his summer rave-ready link-up with fellow Club Glow-ers Denham Audio. He’ll remain firmly rooted in a party state of mind over the coming weeks too, with a stop at seaside venue Patterns, in Brighton, lined up for next Friday (7 July).

Ahead of time, get the inside scoop on just some of his set staples below. Indicative of an artist – and a music fan – years in the game, there are classics aplenty from the likes of THC and Stereotyp. Play these loud.

Ruff With The Smooth – Sounds Superio

Possibly one of the the finest jungle techno records ever made, a 1993 collaboration between Ron Wells/Jack Smooth and Donovan “Badboy” Smith. I play this pretty much every set, with its pulsing bass and crispy drums, it doesn’t ever fail to do the business. Steeped in ‘rave lore’, Ron Wells is one of the founders of the genre; his productions on Basement Records and subsequent labels are still held up as some of the finest tracks to ever make it to wax, this one is no exception.

Flynn & Flora – Drums

A smoky, laidback, breakbeat-fuelled jungle roller of the highest order! Flynn & Flora were seminal early pioneers of the Bristol drum’n’bass scene, alongside such luminaries as Roni Size, Krust, Die and SUV. Flora sadly passed away a few years back and they are only now starting to receive the recognition they truly deserve. I reach for this when I wanna get the drums rolling; it’s a joy to mix with its long intro and snappy edits. The understated vocal that just comes out of nowhere and tickles the ears is sublime. I always enjoy playing this to those that don’t know it and I usually get a couple of people coming up to the booth asking what it is.

THC – Surreal

This is a fantastic dubstyle 1992 hardcore track from a label run by DJ Krust, his brother Flynn and SUV that only put out two records – both are excellent, by the way! Whenever I’m playing hardcore, I will drop this. It’s a stone-cold classic and was played by pretty much everyone back in the day. The combination of squelchy acid lines and hardcore stabs alongside that awesome vocal are a heady mix, sadly a little overlooked today. I had to rip my 12″ in order to play it digitally… it could do with a reissue, to be honest.

Stereotyp – Fling Style ft. Tikiman

One of my fave tracks ever, this captivating piece of dubbed-out bass and vocals from his debut album My Sound features the vocals of Tikiman from Rhythm & Sound fame. It’s a perfect tune to start or finish a set. It sounds especially good during the daytime slash evening at an outdoor event with a sound system to match.


Slaughter Mob Vs Search & Destroy – Zombie

Dark, tense and brooding dubstep from the early days, the time to drop this one is when its getting lively and everyone needs to calm down a bit, but you don’t wanna ruin the mood! The swooshing FX and bubbling bass are the foundation that everything else is hung on, the vocal shouts and film samples just add to the creepy vibe and overall horror. All the tracks on this 12″ are ace and it’s well worth tracking down. Again, another EP thats ripe for a reissue.

Borai plays Patterns, Brighton, on 7 July