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Stepping up as the new Crack Magazine Agony Aunt is Montreal producer and spoken-word artist Marie Davidson.

This month, aspiring DJs and seasoned ravers alike get their questions answered in this month’s advice column. Marie covers the most pressing of questions from our readers: everything from the state of electronic music to staying sober in the rave.

Looking for some guidance? Crack Magazine’s Agony Aunt is here to help. Submit your questions to AgonyAunt@crackmagazine.net to get them answered in the next issue.

Hey Marie,

Let’s settle this. Is Berlin over?

Kottbusser Tor will never die.

Dear Marie,

My social media detox has left me unprepared for the afterhours chat. Can you give me a summary of where we’re at re: electronic music discourse?

Few words I know about electronic music discourse: electricity, synthesiser, sequencer, drum machine, work station, midi, CV, USB, power supply, step-down converter, pack your gear safely, don’t forget your stick in the CDJ, DON’T put your drink on the table where someone’s gear is set up, stay away from people who talk a lot on the dancefloor. This should give you a good start.

Dear Marie,

I’ve got two left feet. My friends tell me I look like a dancing Sim in the club. Any hot tips on how I can improve my moves?

Just smile while you dance. And maybe get yourself some new friends.


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. This weekend: 04.05 Brooklyn, NY – BLACK 04.06 Toluca, MX – Ceremonia . 📸 @nataliemianooo

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Hi Marie,

I’m an aspiring DJ and I need a gimmick. Any ideas?

Sci-Fi Trance Existence Psycho Reconstructed Club Homeostasis.

Hey Marie,

Lately I’ve been trying to stay sober at the rave but can’t seem to catch the right vibe. How does one live their best clean life?

That’s a hard one, I have to say I sympathise. Try to focus only on the sounds and if nothing happens without the drugs, it might mean that the performer is not that great, unfortunately. If nothing is still happening with the next artist, it might mean that the party is not so fulfilling. Go home and do something else with your time.

I’ve been making music for a while but struggling to create something that truly flips wigs. What makes an absolute banger?


Marie Davidson appears at Field Day, London, 8 June