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Get a feel for Field Day 2016 with our GIF galleries

Though the rain came tumbling down as forecast and fields were half-mud by the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, it was hard to spot anything but smiles on the faces of the slightly-damp but still dancing crowds that were lucky enough to attend Field Day 2016.

After a quick tour of the festival it was easy to see why those crowds were perpetually grinning: absorbing performances (some blessedly covered, some not) from Skepta, Dean Blunt, Novelist, Nao, Moxie and more kept spirits high throughout the weekend.

The non-musical offerings were pretty choice, too. All types of food wagons, selling everything from burritos to luxury mac ‘n’ cheese, had queues snaking out of them all day long, and London’s craft beer scene was well-represented and well-frequented.

A wonderful display of the British stiff upper lip was shown on the Village Green where punters tried their luck at winning grand prizes by competing in all sorts of silliness (despite the driving rain). All in all, another classic Field Day, and one we’ll remember as one of the greats.

Check out our GIFs of the festival in the galleries above, and read our full review of the event here.