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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Girls Don’t Sync, the all-female DJ collective comprised of friends Matty Chiabi, G33, Sophia Violet and Hannah Lynch, are the latest artists to provide us with a collection of tracks. Formed during lockdown, Girls Don’t Sync (or GDS for short) have been making waves in the time since through their raucous sets at Printworks, EartH and Somerset House. 

Friendship, community and the celebration of such matters is at the heart of Girls Don’t Sync. From the bond between the collective’s members through to the connections they make with fans on the dancefloor, the four-piece view the project as an opportunity to give back, collaborate and inspire others. 

Their Selections playlist brings together the party-starting inspirations informing their musical practice. As the collective explain, the playlist features current favourites – the kind they’d typically draw for during a set – along with “a couple of Girls Don’t Sync classics” and “some music we love made by our mates and a handful of producers from all over the world who we have so much respect for.”

From infectious R&B refixes (“a Girl’s Don’t Sync playlist will always be peppered with guaranteed singalong vibes”) through to tracks by the likes of Anz, Yung Singh and KG (“[we’re] massive fans of them, what they stand for and what they represent within the industry”) it’s a club-ready collection that also spotlights several of GDS’s peers – L8 Night Sounds and Ell Murphy among them. Get locked in below.

Girls Don’t Sync play at The Great Escape, 11-14 May