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A respected figurehead amongst north west London postcodes, Nines is a star in his local community.

Having released his sophomore album, Crop Circle, via XL Recordings in April, the single I See You Shining is an uplifting mantra the rapper spreads around his community. Greeted by school children and fans during his shoot, the rapper walked us through Church End, uncovering the stories behind each local spot that makes up the map of his home – from the dry cleaners to the park.

London-based photographer Jack Bridgland was behind the lens of Crack Magazine’s cover story, shooting the areas that are in tandem with Nines’ music. We caught up with Bridgland to hear his thoughts on how the shoot went down, and asked him to share a selection of outtakes from his afternoon with the rapper on Church Road. View his galleries below.

“Nines effortlessly made everyone around him feel a certain warmth and laughter”

When you first heard you were going to be shooting Nines for his first ever press interview, what were the ideas running through your head and how do they relate to Nines’ music?

The idea behind the shoot was to photograph Nines in his natural environment and create something real. He helps his community a lot and is really well known in his area which I hope was portrayed through the photos.

What was the atmosphere like on the day? Were there any setbacks or obstacles you had to overcome?

This question is quite hard as literally everything went to plan. The idea was so reliant on the artist integrating with the public which I was a little worried about as you never know how well someone is going to co-operate with strangers, but Nines effortlessly made everyone around him feel a certain warmth and laughter.

How, if at all, did the Nines shoot differ from previous ones?

It felt effortless and organic, which sometimes is hard to achieve when there’s a huge team. It was self-styled and we had a minimal crew. Sometimes with this kind of shoot, it’s best to have only a few people there which keeps it relaxed and avoids a tense atmosphere.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

My music taste is insanely random. I prefer songs to artists, I’ll literally find a song I like and play it 1000 times. But XXXTentacion, NAS, The Manor, The Hunna and Cardi B are popping up on my playlist a lot recently.

What’s next in the pipeline for you?

I’m heading to LA for 2 months in September. So excited for that. I shot absolutely loads last time I was out there. So hoping to pack this trip with personal work and try and meet loads of artists out there. Every person I seem to dream of shooting either lives there or visits LA often. So hoping to shoot some cool people and see some sick shows. Hit me up if you’re out there in September!