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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Joviale never ceases to intrigue. Whether they are opening themselves up to listeners through rich narratives and poetic lyricism or simply beguiling them with their productions – carefully crafted by close collaborator and pop experimentalist Bullion – the north London artist’s output remains an invitation into their world, experiences and a diverse spread of references. Their 2021 EP Hurricane Belle, for instance, was inspired by an exhibition from contemporary artist Peter Shenai, which in itself took inspiration from the devastating events of Hurricane Katrina. 

As is often the case with multidisciplinary artists, Joviale’s practice is fuelled by an insatiable curiosity. Sometimes this curiosity will lead them down an extended YouTube wormhole, as was the case on Hurricane Belle. “I’m addicted to YouTube and I go down these massive tangents,” they told us last year in an interview for the Aesthetic series. “I was really interested in hurricanes, entranced by how massive they can be and how destructive they are. [Shenai] was explaining how he was able to translate that into sound, then I thought, ‘I wonder if I could do that?’”

The artist’s Selections playlist, shared ahead of a headline show as part of new experimental series Between the Lines, betrays their creative curiosity and offers further insight into their own listening habits. From Amerie and Destiny’s Child classics through to brand new music from the likes of Steve Lacy, these are the songs getting Joviale through the summer.  

Joviale plays Between the Lines, Moth Club, on 28 September