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Following on from a successful inauguration last year, Rye Wax are set to host the sophomore edition of their RSD alternative – entitled The Run Out – on 21 April.

Billed as an “an all-day-all-night celebration of independent cultural endeavours”, The Run Out is comprised of two parts: a daytime event with a record fair, DJs and live acts – including Tyree Cooper, Beatrice Dillon, and BBZ – plus panels and exclusive documentary screenings followed by a club night running into the early hours.

One of the biggest draws on the day is the opportunity to cop exclusive releases from labels and artists from the extended Rye Wax family. Cut to dubplate locally at Peckham Cuts, the hyper-limited releases include exclusives from Lorenzo Senni, Central Processing Unit, Curl, Banoffee Pies, Gabber Eleganza, Hyperdub and more.

Ahead of the event we’re proud to be premiering a selection of the releases set to be available on the day including upfront tracks from Body Hammer, Perfectly Isolated, DPR Recordings, Cotch International and Gaika’s Spectacular Empire.

Listen below and scroll down for the full list of releases.

The Run Out exclusives
1. Banoffee Pries presents: Gallegos – Note 2 Self
2. Body Hammer presents: A1) AOD (Scott Fraser) – Fire / B1) AOD (Scott Fraser) – Sing
3. Brokntoys presents: XY0815 & Int Main – Untitled
4. Central Processing Unit presents: Detromental – Rewind (Rebuilt – 10” Mix)
5. Cotch International presents: Omo Frenchie x Britney Spears – Betise Spears (Neana Blend)
6. Curl presents: Curl (Coby Sey, Brother May & Micachu) – No Rep
7. Don’t Be Afraid presents: Semtek – Threshold 3.0
8. Perfectly Isolated presents: Golden Filter – All The Way In
9. Goon Club Allstars presents: Total Contrast – Found Somebody (Dance all night edit)
10. DPR Recordings presents: Groove Chronicles (Noodles & Dubchild) – Look & See
11. Dem1nes presents: Kwake Bass – Vibejam
12. Minimal Violence presents: Opus III – Its A Fine Day (MV Rework)
13. Night Slugs presents: Uninamise – Rise Of The Wolves (vinyl exclusive)
14. Oil Gang presents: A1 – Spooky Boylan Hell On Earth / B1 Spooky & Boylan Battle Of Waterloo
15. On the Corner presents: Planet Battagon – Moon of Dysnomia
16. Strut Records presents: A1) Sorie Kondi – Belly (Will LV Remix) / Ebo Taylor & Pat Thomas – Ene Nyame ‘A’ Mensuro (Henrik Schwarz Unreleased Demo Version)
17. The Spectacular Empire presents: Gaika – The Riches (Tzusing Remix)
18. YAM presents: Z Lovecraft – Dasheen Dub

The Run Out takes place across Copeland Gallery & Dolly’s Yard on 21 April