Live from Lost Music Festival 2023: Listen to the mix series

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At this time of year, and for those (like us) situated in the Northern Hemisphere, summer can feel like both a distant memory and an eagerly-awaited dream. The adventures of warmer months past mingling with hopes and plans for the upcoming season in your mind’s eye. Or, as is the case here, your speakers.

We’re reminiscing on the sounds, perspectives and energy of Lost Music Festival 2023 through a series of recordings captured at the immersive Italian electronic music event, which is hosted at cultural park Labirinto della Masone – conceived by late publisher and editor Franco Maria Ricci, and home to the world’s largest bamboo labyrinth.

Ahead of the festival’s next outing, taking place from 5-7 July, hit play on a handful of sets, from Dinamarca, DJ Python, Alto Fuero, Virginia WWW and Reptilian Expo.


Staycore co-founder Dinamarca’s outing for the festival fully delivered the hypnotic and dreamy atmosphere we know and love him for; blending his own melodic, trance-infused productions with cumbia, dembow and reggaeton. Pure dancefloor bliss to get lost in. Read more

Virginia WWW

A brain massage in performance form from Spiritual Sauna’s Virginia WWW, who dialled in a divine, downtempo offering of ambient and experimental works with twists and turns, ghostly coos and robotic, spoken-word passages, subtly integrated. Read more

DJ Python

For his two-hour slot, DJ Python kept the mood steamy and the energy high throughout. Showcasing the Brooklyn-based artist’s playful approach, the mix journeys through slinking R&B and dub into more frenetic, percussive club cuts along with an Andrea Bocelli baile funk blend, plus a Blu Cantrell edit, among its standouts. Exactly the kind of heat we need right now. Read more

Alto Fuero

Artist duo Alto Fuero tapped into a transportative ritualism for their live performance – ranging from otherworldly incantations to frenetic club-rooted rhythms. A hypnotic and transcendent experience weaving together reverberant flutes, spellbinding vocal chants and warped industrial bass, press play and let the pair take you on a trip. Read more

Reptilian Expo

Akin to his releases – such as last year’s Cunti – Reptilian Expo channels a playful vibrancy here hat takes a distinctly narrative approach. The Italian artist’s set crafts a richly textured sound collage filled with wiggy electronics, hypnotic instrumentals and an undercurrent of off-kilter, aqueous basslines, making for a listen that very much feels like stepping into a enticingly surreal dreamworld. Fitting for the location, then. Read more

Lost Music Festival 2024 takes place on 5-7 July at Franco Maria Ricci’s Labirinto della Masone, Italy

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