Meth Math are Mexico’s monstrous new reggaeton-inspired pioneers

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We premiere the video for Meth Math’s new single El Vals De La Piedra.

Mexico’s Meth Math specialise in twisting reggaeton into new and unusual shapes. Led by singer Ángel Ballesteros and completed by producers Error.Error and Bonsai Babies, the trio – who grew up together in Hermosillo, some 1200 miles to the north of Mexico City – are relative newcomers. However, despite only having two songs to their name, the group have found favour in the capital’s DIY scene, following in the wake of figures like Rosa Pistola – the scene’s unofficial ambassador – with their uncompromising, occasionally nightmarish take on Latin club music.

Since moving to Mexico City six years ago, Ballesteros has become a stalwart in the capital, not only making music but also creating visual art under the moniker Antes de Cristo and running cult fashion label Baby Angel, which counts Rihanna as a fan. While it’s that journey from Hermosillo to her current home that – loosely – inspired the narrative for Meth Math’s upcoming debut EP, new single El Vals De La Piedra (The Waltz of the Stone in English), showcases a more abstract side to the trio’s sound. The track, Ballesteros tells us, was inspired by the singer imagining life as something non-human, in this case, a stone under a waterfall.

Today we premiere that track alongside its music video. Directed by Enantios Dromos, it’s an equally surreal experience that sees Ballesteros transformed into a Disney princess on acid. Watch the video and read our interview with Ángel below.

When did Meth Math start? What drove you to start making music together?

Boredom in 2016.

What was the inspiration behind El Vals De La Piedra?

I had a dream I was a stone under a waterfall.

What’s the concept behind the lyrics?

It is to live life through the perspective of another living thing, this time as a rock. Have you ever wondered what it feels to be another thing that is not human? What does a drop of water think about?

The video has a kind of ‘Disney princess nightmare’ vibe to it – why did you want to go in that direction?

It was not intentional, I think it was an organic vibe of what our decaying generation has unknowingly become.

Ángel – you also design clothes and work as a visual artist – how does Meth Math tie into your general creative output? Do you see it as one fluid thing?

Yes, they all come from the same fluid in my brain. Meth Math is a fluid working with other fluids (Bonsai Babies and Error.Error) but I see all my art as an extension of my room. My clothes are my closet, my thoughts are my bed, and my music is the music.

What should people know about the DIY scene in Mexico City?

They have to be open and ready to see it everywhere. It keeps surprising me and I’ve been here for almost six years.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP?

It’s a surprise, but what I can tell you that I’m very excited about the artwork – it’s by visual artist Samuel Guerrero who made the art for the first two singles. It’s going to be the full revelation of what these monsters are and who Meth Math really is.

Meth Math’s upcoming debut EP is out 28 April via In Real Life.

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