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We catch up with rising sensation Miink and premiere the new video for Miss Me More.

Miink takes pride in creating every aspect of his music himself. From the production to the self-directed music videos, the west London artist goes to great lengths to ensure his vision is carried out to its full extent. His 2018 debut Small Clan introduced him as an uncompromising artist unafraid to experiment but equally able to craft hooks; dusty lo-fi production underpinning his ethereal falsetto vocals.

In the time since its release, Miink hasn’t slowed down, releasing a string of one-off singles to keep fans on their toes. Today he shares his third track of the year, titled Miss Me More – a moody slice of alt R&B that finds him lamenting, “I was born for the dark.” We’re very excited to be premiering the track’s accompanying video this morning. Directed by Miink, it sees the Richmond-based singer and producer sat surrounding by fabric roses, handcrafted by Miink himself and the artist Terra Kaur.

We caught up with Miink ahead of the track’s release. Watch the video and read our interview below.

How did Miss Me More come to be? When did you write it? What inspired the track?

Miss Me More comes from the modern struggle of staying elusive. Everyone is everywhere all the time now and we’re always getting let closer into people’s personal lives and intimate moments. Even if a lot of what we see may only be the better moments of each other’s lives or specific highlights, it’s easy to feel as if we know everyone like the backs of our hands just from looking at them on a screen. But that personal space from others is important. It’s not difficult to become sick of seeing the same face over and over. Absence can make the heart grow fonder at times and Miss Me More is a reminder of that.

This is the third one-off track you’ve released this year. Should people expect something longer coming soon?

You should always expect a longer project coming from me. I think of music in longer projects because I feel like I can’t say everything I want to in a couple of minutes.

What can you tell us about your ongoing collaboration with Terra Kaur?

Terra Kaur is someone I just believe in. She has a very hands-on approach to her art so she’ll actually make the ideas she comes up with. This is just a way of creating that I understand. She could be designing stages for established musicians or creating spaces for companies where new blood and fresh ideas would come as a welcome change. Our collaboration will grow with time so rather than me telling you about it, you can watch it happen.

You’re involved in every aspect of your output, from production to the videos. Why is that important for you?

The reason I’m so involved in every aspect of my output is because I want to live forever. I want my energy to be transferred and my message to be spread and my true self to live on. Stop being fake nice to people, stop supporting ideas you don’t believe in, think again about if you genuinely enjoy what you’re consuming.

You’ve spoken before about the importance of having a small group of likeminded people around you who understand your work and philosophy. Do you ever struggle with operating in such a public space? Do you feel that general listeners misinterpret your work?

I don’t feel like I’m misinterpreted. I can tell from the interactions I’ve had with listeners that they really understand, they really feel me. The problem is reaching others who I know will get it too. There’s a lot of people out there looking for something consciously or subconsciously but they don’t know where they’ll find it. As soon as what I do hits the right person, it will resonate and we’ll understand each other instantly.