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In her own words, Róisín Murphy reflects on the breathing space that gave her creativity a second wind.

It’s a brand new world when you’ve got two kids. When I returned to finally work on my first album, it was a big moment for me, and a big relief.

After having children, I was just doing the odd track here and there, or putting out singles – which, of course, I’ve been doing again over the last year or so. At the time, people thought I was being strange or difficult, but it was really just a practical thing. I couldn’t take on the responsibility of stepping into an album project when I was busy with a baby. I also thought at the time, ‘Oh you know, it was a song that changed everything, so maybe a single isn’t such a bad idea.’ So I didn’t look back.

Then after I had my second child with my partner Sebastiano, I got back into the groove. My mother-in-law took my two children away to the Bahamas for five weeks – they have a house there, nice for them! – so I just went into the studio every single day for five weeks and at the end of it I had my third album, Hairless Toys.

This facilitated a huge creative and personal breakthrough. I had a lovely sense of structure in this time. I thought, ‘I can finally write songs, and I’ve got plenty of space in my life to be creative, even with the kids around.’ And certainly, there was a fear of leaving them for the first time to really go into a big project, but that subsided as everything fell into place in the studio.

Writing records is totally possible as a mother, but having space definitely helped it all converge. It helped me focus. From where I’m standing, it was perfect. I made music I’ve never made before, and it was totally unique to its own moment, to its own time.

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