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As an unpredictable, progressively-minded and radically experimental artist; the world would probably be poorer place without Jam Rostron’s work as Planningtorock. And as someone who’s committed to embedding a potent socio-political sentiment into her music, her career has won her a great deal of admiration.

And so, we’re pleased to share Rostron’s playlist of artists who’re inspiring her right now. There’s some intriguing choices in there, which range from Nigerian singer Yemi Alade to up-and-coming Bristol house producer Shanti Celeste, and you can listen to the tracks after the jump.

The Gender Baby maxi single EP is out now. The physical format – a USB attached to a plastic anthurium flower – has sold out, but  you can stream it below.


Gender Baby maxi single EP:

GEoRGIA – Be Ache

“This is a debut solo release by GEoRGIA. Love its intensity, the production, her vocals and the song arrangements but then all those moments where she totally messes with it.”

Yemi Alade – Johnny

“My friend Olof [Dreijer] introduced me to Yemi Alade. Love this track so much, been DJing it a lot”


Tirzah – Ooo Never

“This is one of my favourite EPs, such a magic collaboration…  Micachu’s production is so distinct.”

C.A.R. – idle eyes (rRoxymore Remix)

“I’m a big rRoxymore fan and it’s no secret! Love this remix, it’s got something very 808 state about it, reminds me of living in Mani back in the 90’s and is such a big contrast to the original!”

Paula Temple – Deathvox (from Deathvox EP)

“Paula Temple is a friend who like me comes from North West UK – this hyper doom tune runs mad with its massive haunted soul.. love this beast!”

Zhala – I’m In Love

“Zhala’s music is so unique, love it! seeing her perform at Cantine in Berlin blew me away… the video was made by our mutual friend the talented Roxy Farhat”

Shanti Celeste – Felix

“Shanti Celeste is a recent discovery for me … been dancing a loads to her awesome Universal Glow EP, so good.”

Léonie Pernet – Tutuguri

“Another power house, Léonie Pernet makes melodramatic tunes that defy norm song arrangements – we just played together in Paris. She’s on accoustic piano, then her sampler, then over to her live drum kit … so multitalented!”

Aïsha Devi – The Sore Party (Cooly G “Cooldub” Remix)

“Big Cooly G fan, love the beat on this remix and how she’s used the vocal… the original was made by another very interesting artist Aïsha Devi who’s got her own label Danse Noire Records”

BLKKATHY – Fake Bitch

“This track I found a while back but it still so fresh such beautiful melodies and the production is woah! really looking forward to hearing what BLKKATHY will do next!”



Lafawndah – Chilli

“Lafawndah is a friend and a amazing artist – when I heard this track for the first time I had to listen to it like 10 times in a row… so so good! She’s releasing a new EP soon, lucky us!”

Pursuit Grooves – Organic Chemistry

“Pursuit Grooves is a genius – this entire LP Modern Day Minerals is a hidden gem  conceptual, fresh and odd in a good way. I listened to this LP non stop whilst all tour – its like a sound track to a film not yet made”