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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Altrice is a producer and DJ hailing from sunny Tucson in Arizona. The artist first turned heads back in 2010 with an exhilarating remix of Caribou’s Sun, lifted from the celebrated album Swim. Altrice’s ‘Only What You Gave Me’ remix was created and shared as part of a public remix competition launched by Caribou a.k.a. Dan Snaith. It emerged victorious, and was later followed by a track-by-track remix project crafted from the stems of each Swim song, entitled Stem.

Fast forward to today – via a 2011 remix for Radiohead, various mixtapes and other collaborative outings – and Altrice is back with hotly tipped solo material. Singles bda creature and places faces were released in June and July respectively via Snaith’s own label Jiaolong. They serve as a reintroduction to Altrice’s meticulous yet freewheeling strain of dance music.

Next month, Altrice will grace the stage at HOCO Fest – the annual music gathering held in his hometown of Tucson. In anticipation of the event, he drops by Crack Magazine HQ with a playlist filled with the kinds of vibrant sounds festival-goers may experience first-hand during his set. There’s instrumental hip-hop from Golden Dayo, bass-heavy techno from Otik, atmospheric stompers from Lisbon’s M.O.O.N. and stacks more.

“These tracks are all from producers I have a connection with – either at home or abroad,” says Altrice. “They are all extremely talented, hard-working, and deserving of the spotlight.”

Altrice plays HOCO Fest, Tucson, on 1-4 September