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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Born and raised in LA, Bianca Oblivion’s affinity for dance music was nurtured from a young age. She learned to understand rhythms by training as a dancer and later began to host college radio and DIY events cultivating the specific underground edge for which she is now known.

With earlier influences drawn from the west coast electro and blog house club scene when she began DJing, Oblivion’s work centres on a connection between underground music worldwide, weaving threads across US and UK bass, grime, baile funk and beyond. Something which she has also been spotlighting with her NTS show Club Aerobics since 2017. More recently, the LA-based DJ and producer has just dropped Sweatboxx Party, a suitably rowdy dancefloor link-up with Sam Binga and Fox.

For her Selections, Oblivion treats us to the same top tier energies, fresh sounds and global influences that define her output. “This playlist features many of my favourite edits right now, particularly in the realm of club, grime and baile funk, with a few new ones in there fresh off Bandcamp Friday,” she says. “All of these producers have loads of other amazing tracks so make sure to check out their full discographies.” The playlist also includes her aforementioned recent collab Sweatboxx Party, which is out now via Pineapple Records, and the Dismantle remix of her tune with Eliza Legzdina, EZ 4 Me. Get locked in below.