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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Bryan Dálvez is a producer and visual designer better known as El irreal Veintiuno. To our ears, it’s through this very project (and via releases for essential imprints such as N.A.A.F.I., Subreal and Infinite Machine) that Dálvez has given ample space to his curiosity as he probes novel ways to bring more traditional Latin sounds together with bleeding-edge club music born from musical movements across the globe. The result is intense, immersive and entirely indicative of Dálvez’s long-forged approach – something his debut album Irrealidades, out via Infinite Machine, does well to spotlight across 12 urgent tracks.

Dálvez’s Selections playlist is representative of an artist very much plugged into his regional scene. “This collection is a clear example of the sounds that surround me,” Dálvez tells us, adding that his list – filled with friends and other producers he admires – is a look back at some of the musical standouts from the sets and shows he’s played over the past year, with a focus on percussive heaters as well as “syncopated sounds with aggressive beats.”

Tune in below for tracks from Siete Catorce, Loris, Rose Bonica and more.

Irrealidades is out now via Infinite Machine