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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Evanora:Unlimited is more than a creative alias for Orion Ohana. For the Oakland-born artist, Evanora:Unlimited encompasses an ever-evolving and expanding cinematic world within which they presents various personas, which they describes as “a based on true events erotic science fiction religious horror epic”. And within this Ohana brings an expansive artistic approach, combining film, fashion, storytelling and performance art.

Also known under their Marjorie W.C Sinclair side-project – one of many characters within this creative universe – Ohana was born to DJ and producer parents and raised in the jungle scene. The influence of this seeps into their own sound, which offers a frenetic, fragmented digital-era rave sonic onslaught that takes a very internet-fuelled genre-blending approach. Ohana also featured on YEAR0001‘s RIFT Two compilation earlier this year, teaming up with Ecco2k on Dibiyu.

In anticipation of Evanora:Unlimited’s performance at Opera Festival later this month – taking place on the Eastern slopes of Mount Etna in the picturesque village of Milo, Sicily – here they shares a Selections playlist “for yellowbellys and rabble-rousers alike”. Featuring the likes of DÆMON, 333evol, TALK SHOW and Don Sinini, Ohana gives a taste of the diverse range of genres and sounds that make up the intoxicatingly disorienting world of Evanora:Unlimited. Delve in below.

Evanora:Unlimited plays Opera Festival, 23-27 August, Sicily