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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Multi-instrumentalist Lomond Campbell deals in vivid and evocative soundscapes. Living by a loch in the Scottish highlands, Campbell’s music captures the sparse and sublime nature of his environment via cinematic and textural sound design – as encapsulated on his latest release Under This Hunger Moon We Fell.

Released last month, the album is Campbell’s third and final instalment of experiments using tape loops as the central process in his music. The album draws on the primal energy of the winter Supermoon that it takes its title from – and which Campbell witnessed as the album was nearing completion. Sonically, Under This Hunger Moon We Fell spans spectral and minimal instrumental arrangements alongside the whirring, soaring electronica of tracks such as The Mountain and the Pendulum or And Are The Afraid of Her.

For our latest Selections feature, Campbell has curated a playlist of ‘Words Turned Sideways’. Speaking on the sonic journey across the tracks, he said, “this playlist is meant to be a kind of gaussian curve of sound, starting off with longform instrumental tracks recorded in the field, ramping up up to high speed electronica then back down to orchestral ambience. I wanted to include the human voice but chose only tracks that had the vocals encrypted in some way, either through the use of nonsense words or just by obscuring the words via production. The exception is Kathryn Joseph’s track, who’s message is concise and clear.”

Spanning selections from Marina Herlop and Loraine James’ Whatever the Weather project to Caterina Barbieri and µ-Ziq, delve into the immersive playlist below.

Under This Hunger Moon We Fell is out now via One Little Independent Records.