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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

We’ve had our eye on Henzo for some time now. Based in Manchester, the DJ and producer’s emergence onto the scene has been more akin to a steady and continuous rise than a bolt from the blue. His productions take a similar tack; heady, hypnotic and unhurried club tools that stretch out the peak-time experience into something that’ll carry you through from warm-up hours to the end of the night as he takes cues from dancehall, techno and the nebulous realms of UK-centred, bass-driven music. It makes total sense, then, that Queens-based producer DJ Python – a fellow purveyor of leisurely bangers – tapped Henzo for the inaugural release on his Worldwide Unlimited label back in 2020.

Since then, Henzo’s swung by a slew of more labels, including Left, Right & Centre and YCO, as well as London’s Nervous Horizon. It was on the latter, just last week, he made his imprint debut with a five-track EP entitled Stretford Blues that prioritised groove and space over all-out dancefloor delirium. Henzo’s other musical outlets should be mentioned at this point, too, given they serve as further examples of his musical inclinations. There’s his role as part of the Strange Riddims club crew, who throw superb nights in Manchester, helm a label (self-described as “club cuts for the discerning jet ski aficionado”) and regularly guest on the radio. Then there’s his newer party venture, Heathens, which saw the likes of Florentino, Korzi and aya step up for its first birthday bash.

Off the back of his Nervous Horizon debut, Henzo drops by Crack Magazine HQ with a Buy Music Club playlist chock-full of wonky club fuel, themed around the idea of “arrhythmia”.

“I chose all these tracks based on their obscure rhythms or meters,” he tells us of his selections, which finds music from the likes of ELLLL and DJ Plead nestled in with tracks by 96 Back, Claro Intelecto and Mosca. “Some of them are more obvious to work out with straightforward 3/4 or 6/8; some of them are way off the grid and the pulse is just a nightmare to find – but they all tear clubs apart!” Find out just how for yourselves below.

Stretford Blues is out now via Nervous Horizon