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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

“I now know a place where we can be safe,” Saint Precious sings on Sanctum, her voice cascading like honey atop warm, resplendent melodies and gracefully slinking R&B. It’s a line that rings true of the space she carves out with The Resonance, the Swedish-Bajan artist’s striking debut EP.

Produced by Dinamarca and released via his STAYCORE imprint, each track on The Resonance feels like a deeply intimate and sacred conversation which Saint Precious invites us to join. Centred around her experiences as a Black trans woman, not only does her songwriting see Saint Precious share a tender vulnerability but also craft a pertinent sanctuary, a “little wonderful sphere” as she also sings on the aforementioned Sanctum.

To celebrate the release of The Resonance, which came out earlier this week, she curates a Selections playlist of “music that makes me feel empowered and cared for”. Featuring serpentwithfeet, Arca, Björk, Cleo Sol and more, Saint Precious adds that this is “music that sweeps me off my feet and back again”.

The Resonance is out now via STAYCORE