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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Named after the 1973 Spanish movie of the same name, Philadephia trio Spirit Of The Beehive deal in psychedelic and distortion-drenched experimentalism. Currently consisting of Zack Schwartz, Rivka Ravede and Corey Wichlin, since the release of their debut in 2014 the band has gathered something of a cult following. Their 2021 album ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH not only marked a breakout release for Spirit Of The Beehive but also an evolution for the band, their first release for Saddle Creek and the first record as a three-piece where they were joined by Wichlin.

Their new EP i‘m so lucky, which dropped in September, marks another new chapter for the band. The record deals, in part, with the dissolution of a 10-year relationship between two of the group’s members – which posed uncertainty as to the future of the band. But Spirit Of The Beehive continues on, charting this transitional period, and i‘m so lucky sees them at their most emotionally transparent and exploring more spacious instrumental arrangements to the heady maximalism of some of their previous work.

For their Selections entry, Spirit Of The Beehive curates an eclectic playlist of some of their favourite tunes at the moment, ranging from George Michael to Giant Swan, The Prodigy, Andy Stott and Oneohtrix Point Never. Listen below.

i’m so lucky is out now via Saddle Creek