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Turbowolf talk us through their top 5 doomsday scenarios.

Crashing thunder, plagues of locusts, earthquakes: one day the world will end. Turbowolf’s latest album Two Hands is a snarling exploration of conspiracy theories, the occult and all things apocalyptic. We caught up with the Bristol based axe destroyers to find out how they think the world might end.

Cheerful bunch.

Super Virus
Bacteria or viruses could easily give us more than just a runny nose. They could turn our bodies into mega-mush!

Death From Above
Meteor impact would cause such destruction that it would set the entire world on fire. And not in a good way.

Self Immolation
Climate change is something that we’re in the process of right now. We’re such weak beings that a shift by a few degrees in our atmosphere will cause us to be dead rather than tanned.

Cosmic Immolation
A star going supernova is possible at any time and any such event within 10,000 light years would fry us in the speed of light. INSTANTLY COOKED.

Man-Made Meltdown
Man made weapons like nuclear or biological would be the most incongruous way to go. Stupid us. A fitting way to call it a day.

There you have it. Turbowolf have little on their minds except death, destruction and deadly bacteria. Maybe that’s how every band feels after touring the world for months on end with no sleep.

It’s hard to say but if that is the case then we’ll prescribe this bunch of rapscallions a decent nights sleep and a lemsip.

For more Turbowolf you can get your grubby mitts on Two Hands now via Universal Music