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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Sha Ru’s music is centred on a sense of unity. Fusing spoken word with heady club electronics, the duo – formed of Ma Sha and Rù – draw on a sense of community and the power of music as a vessel for protest, an artistic response to the fight for future freedom.

These foundations form the basis of their latest EP Match My Sway – released earlier this month via EMA’s Woozy imprint. With all artist profits from the record going to Ukrainian charities the Kyiv Angels and Repair Together, the four-track release offers full-bodied sonic catharsis via visceral production, that takes in dubstep, breaks, warped electronics and UK bass, combined with political spoken word vocals.

Whilst the pair are predominantly based between New York and Berlin, the pandemic found them both in Belarus firstly and then in Ukraine for an extended period of time. The fight for liberation in both of these countries, tangible in the local electronic music communities Sha Ru were immersed in, inspired the theme and expression of protest and resistance at the core of Match My Sway.

For their Selections playlist the duo spotlight Ukraine’s bass music scene. “We made a selection of some of our favourite bass tracks made by Ukrainian artists,” Sha Ru explained, adding: “Keep supporting Ukraine.” Delve in below.

Match My Sway is out now via Woozy.