“I wanted to go for a mix that definitely had a summer feel to it. It’s very house orientated and there’s a few classics in there.”

These were the reassuring words uttered by Kowton when he delivered the eighth installment of the Crack Mix series to Crack Towers. From a man who says his own productions are often a little austere and techno leaning, this mix showcases Kowton’s ability to shapeshift when the time requires.

Far from being a cliche ridden house ride, Kowton’s mix is house driven, but the quality of producer selected for the tracks on this mix (Model 500, Omar-S, Theo Parrish) was never going to make it a straightforward listen. An eclectic DJ, but with a bolstered music knowledge through his work in Bristol’s record mecca Idle Hands, and a strong attention to quality, selecting Kowton to compile a Crack Mix was a simple choice. His mix is a 45 minute ride through some of the most credible strains house music has to offer.




Theo Parrish – OverYoHead

Kassem Mosse – We Speak to Those

Anthony Shake Shakir – Frenchie

KC Flight – Planet E (Acid Drop mix)

Alexander Robotnik – Problems D’Amour (Moodymann re-edit)

Joy Orbison – Jels

Omar S – Blade Runner

Model 500 – No UFO’s

MMM – Donna

Soundstream – 3rd Movement

Theo Parrish – Solitary Flight