013 – Waifs and Strays

Waifs and Strays step into 2012 as one of the hottest emerging properties in house music. 

Amos Nelson and Rich Beanland’s stock has risen in 2011 with a string of consistent and punchy releases on house music current forerunners (Hot Creations, Futureboogie and Leftroom) and a string of carefully picked gigs alongside some of the biggest names in the house music spectrum.

Their mix from Crack sees their hour-long ride progress from traditional, percussive house textures to the trendier bassline influenced house sound that defined 2011. It’s a mix for purists and newcomers alike with its catchy hooks and addictive melodies. A suitably upbeat way to step into 2012, Waifs And Stray’s top Crack’s tips to continue the current swathe of Bristolian house producers who are currently helping the define the genre. Based on this mix a truly exceptional 12 months awaits.


[haiku url=”http://crackmagazine.net/wp-content/uploads/mp3/Crackcast%20013.mp3″ title=”Crackcast 013 Waifs & Strays”] Download Mix