041 – Visionquest

You’ve got to be excited when a group of DJs announce a press conference to reveal their touring plans, but to be honest Visionquest aren’t your normal coming together of dance music figures.
Singing off the same Detroit born hymn sheet, Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson and Lee Curtiss have been pushing their brand of deep, immersive, hypnotic tech both individually and collectively for a few years now. With 13 dates around the world promising to take their production values to the next level, including an upcoming date at The Warehouse Project in Manchester on April 27th, the tour will showcase all four members as well as some carefully invited guests: the biggest undertaking they’ve ever taken as a collective. In anticipation of these dates they’ve kindly prepared Crack Mix 041, an hour-long insight into the sound people can expect at one of these shows. Starting with broad 4×4 house rhythms, the mix gets progressively headier and more complex as it winds on. A vital insight into one of the most distinctive and recognisable acts in dance music today. For more information on their Warehouse Project date head here, and for Visionquest news go here.