043 – Planet Mu

As our interview with Heterotic – Planet Mu boss Mike Paradinas’s collaborative project alongside his wife Lara Rix-Paradinas – will attest, Mu is a label which has positioned itself firmly at the forefront of challenging electronic music since its inception, and simply hasn’t let up since. As you’d expect, this latest Crackcast from Paradinas’s partner in crime Thomas Quaye treads a great deal of ground barely touched upon in our previous 42 mixes. From a grounding in confrontational jungle and drum ‘n’ bass, the mix journeys seamlessly through classic house stabs, roving atmospherics, face-melting IDM and breaks, all building towards the jittering, vital footwork sound which has become synonymous with the label of late. This 50 minute trip to Planet Mu is thrilling, up-front and fun.

[haiku url=”http://crackmagazine.net/wp-content/uploads/mp3/Crackcast044.mp3″ title=”Crackcast 044 Planet Mu”] Download Mix