Timothy J. Fairplay

Timothy J. Fairplay is perhaps best known for his work with Andrew Weatherall. Originally operating as Weatherall’s engineer, working from a room in the basement of the near-fabled Scrutton Street studio also frequented by Daniel Avery, the pair went on to form production duo The Asphodells.

Releasing debut album Ruled By Passion Destroyed By Lust in early 2013 on Weatherall’s own Rotters Golf Club label, The Asphodells touched upon influences in early British industrial, dub, krautrock, cold wave and cosmic disco to chug out a sweeping sound that was very much their own.

Fairplay is also a very gifted producer and DJ in his own right, with solo records on World Unknown, Bird Scarer and Emotional Response and more, and sets that take you through apocalyptic disco and psychedelic freak outs all married to Fairplay’s own experiments in dense, slow-mo, acid-flecked house and techno.