Spanish-born selector Alienata is a mainstay of label, party, and institution Killekill.

Having DJ’d since her teens, it was Alienata’s long-running collaboration with multi-faceted arts platform Overflow Collective that saw her amass a profile across Europe and the US. This culminated in her taking up the mantle of artistic director for Overflow’s in-house label in 2008 before moving to Berlin in 2011, where she became a mainstay at their Suicide Circus parties.

As a selector, she embodies a lot of the stylistic trademarks of the Berlin collective, tempering an obvious preference for percussive, driving, system music with a sense of playfulness and adventure that keeps her sets well clear of stony-faced dogmatism.

The same is true of her Crack Mix, which is a blistering hour-plus of stomping techno and pitch-black electro with twists, turns, and surprises to render it a gripping listen throughout.

Alienata appears at Krake Festival, Berlin July 24- 31

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