Basses Terres

The shadowy producer trope is one of dance music’s oldest clichés, played out across countless PR conceits and shocking-not-shocking revelations about the true identity of hitherto unknown button-pushers.

It’s nice then, to come across an anonymous artist who is genuinely moving a bit differently. Enter Basses Terres, who fans of dancefloor esoterica will recognise from grisly, dubbed-out releases for Lyon-based label Brothers from Different Mothers, where he is soon due to return with an LP entitled Naked Light.

Having scrapped two initial submissions (each with entirely different trajectories) Basses Terres’ Crack Mix takes a compositional approach, layering eerie vocal samples over multiple tracks at once with – you guessed it – no tracklist in sight. The result alternates between a blissful reverie and a feverish trip down a skunk-psychosis rabbit hole as Basses Terres stretches the limits of his source material and submerges the results in tape echo and reverb.

Play this one loud with the lights off.

The Naked Light LP is out via Brothers from Different Mothers on 19 January