Charles Drakeford

It’s hard to write about Charles Drakeford without invoking all sorts of cliches about DJ’s DJs and scene linchpins.

Having been involved in NTS Radio since its early days, he’s been instrumental in the station’s ascension to a global institution, regularly broadcasting his much-loved From The Depths show to a devoted audience.

Since 2014, From The Depths has existed as a record label serving up a series of quirky EPs from the likes of Gramrcy, Lutto Lento and Georgia. Like Drakeford’s radio shows, FTD is a broad church, and while all of its seven releases to date have explored vastly different sonic territory, each are tied together with an exciting sense of adventure and a willingness to push the boundaries of club music.

Charles Drakeford’s Crack Mix is a typically eclectic affair that ventures from dub to techno before reaching an unexpected and absolutely gorgeous finale. Stellar stuff from one of London’s very best.