Chris Cruse

A potent journey of trippy, alluring rollers with the DJ-in-chief of LA’s Spotlight parties

“I’ve just left LA and the States for the longest stretch away ever,” Chris Cruse tells us from Berlin, despite the fact he’s been entrenched in the queer dance scene on the west coast for almost two decades. Cruse largely eschews social media and self-promotion, but his sets at Spotlight and Club Toilet have helped the word steadily spread, and it’s with deserved inevitability that we find him following other local heroes in the US (like recent Crack Mix alumnus Noncompliant) in gaining recognition further afield.

He is known for eclecticism and curveballs (a UK Garage-heavy set at Honcho Campout likely led to his booking at Glastonbury’s NYC Downlow last weekend), so we had no idea what to expect with this one. Heavy on rubbery techno and the driving edge of disco, it certainly didn’t disappoint.

“I’ve been pushing myself way out of my comfort zone all year,” says Cruse. “These tracks have a roll to them that have kept me moving. Hopefully it’s cinematic, psychedelic, and especially fun.”