Ross From Friends

The South London producer has blown up in 2017, with releases on the likes of Lobster Theremin, a rapidly expanding gig schedule, mixes and radio shows galore and the launch of a three-man live show

After a few years of making tracks under the moniker, Ross From Friends’ arrival in the consciousness of many was down to his 2015 track Talk To Me You’ll Understand. It took him six months to write, and stands alongside Dj Seinfelds U and DJ Boring’s Winona as one of the cornerstones of the soundcloud-centric lo-fi scene. Constituting a loose affiliation between the aforementioned trio, and their shared love of goofy names and emotional hooks, the idea has come under criticism in recent months. None of the artists concerned take notion seriously however, and as his Crack mix proves, Ross From Friends’ talent transcends any assumed gimmicks.

Particularly this year, Ross From Friends’ star has been rising fast. His release on label-of-the-moment Lobster Theremin, regular shows on Balamii and his recent The Outsiders EP on Magicwire have cemented his burgeoning reputation, and his live shows at Fabric and Glastonbury have been lauded by publications and tastemakers alike.

For his entry to our mix series, Ross From Friends spreads verdant textures, emotive hooks and lush beats across 50-plus minutes, still retaining the fuzzy edge that characterised much of his early productions. More fuel for the growing hype.

The Outsiders EP is out now via Magicwire. Ross From Friends appears at No Bound Festival, Sheffield on October 14