For Crack Mix 165, the Whities head, NTS DJ and ex-Boiler Room host lays down a deep and varied mix for 70 minutes

Nic Tasker is one of the most influential people in London’s underground music scene today. Initially making himself known through hosting various events for Boiler Room, he went on to run Principals with Bradley Zero and Drakeford and was one of the first wave of DJs to land shows with NTS Radio. Really though, it’s his label Whities that he’s rightly lauded in the scene. The Young Turks offshoot has, since its inception in 2014, become a pillar of well-deserved hype.

Through it, Tasker has helped artists like Minor Science, Lanark Artefax and Coby Sey widen their exposure, as well as offer a place for more established producers like Kowton and Avalon Emerson to experiment with styles they might not usually explore. With a real sense of family around the label, records selling out in hours and one of the best parties in London, Whities has become a genuine institution in the capital and beyond.

For Tasker’s entry to our mix series, he lays down a layered trip through textured percussion and insatiable basslines, house beats and breaks underpinned with a steady dreaminess. Listen out for nods to 90s classics Nomad – Devotion (a Pangaea remix) and Leftfield’s Afro Left (a Hodge and Peverelist remix).

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