Canadian selector Dane is a highly revered and respected figure in his home city Edmonton, where he’s previously set up his own venue called 99ten, and hosts parties in the area for each release from his label Common Edit. A key figure on the local scene, Dane’s influence extends beyond the outskirts of Edmonton to the West Coast and Vancouver, where he’s been instrumental in shaping the area’s sound. Though his reputation is entrenched within the dance community of Edmonton, the DJ is currently based in Berlin, where he can be found filling ‘floors with house and disco grooves at spaces like Berghain and Tresor.

Dane has previously pinpointed Edmonton’s eight month winters as a key factor in turning the area into an incubator for loungey house, disco and techno. For the 202nd instalment of our Crack Mix series, the selector knits together the old and new – the 90s up to 2017 – into an uplifting hour-long excursion of colourful house and disco. Well, what did you expect with a tracklist that includes Nami Shimada’s instrumental track Sunshower and The Mole’s Little Sunshine.

Dane plays at Flow Festival, Suvilahti, 10- 12 August