Divoli S’vere

Originally hailing from New York but now based out of Atlanta, Divoli S’vere reps both cities heavily. An established figurehead in the ballroom and vogue house scenes for the last few years, Divoli continues to emerge as one of the genre’s most fearless and innovative representatives.

Divoli S’vere is a key member of the Qween Beat label; the imprint headed up by Vogue Knights resident Mike Q and home to producers like Byrell the Great and LSDXOXO. Together the outfit have successfully sculpted a sound which, whilst drawing heavily from 90s house and East Coast club music, is very much its own entity and supports an incredibly vibrant underground party scene in New York and across the country.

For this mix, Divoli manages to cram 42 turbocharged productions into a little over an hour, including several unreleased productions from Divoli and other label mates, effortlessly splicing in familiar trap and pop hits with dark rumbling drum tracks to devastating effect. Ramp up the energy.

Divoli S’vere plays at Paradiso, as part of Sonic Acts Festival 2019, this Friday (22 February)