Early 90s Techno Essentials – Mixed by IDA

Finnish selector and promoter IDA, otherwise known as Ida Koskunen, is a Glasgow-based talent breaking through on the city’s underground scene.

First getting a taste of Aberdeen during an exchange programme, she’s now at the helm of the wildly successful Scottish night Acid Flash that pays homage to the Roland TB-303. Launched in 2015, Koskunen saw a gap in the Scottish nightlife scene; specifically, a lack of acid-themed parties. Outside of her own nights, the ascendant selector can be found taking over the decks at warehouse parties such as Pressure, organised by Slam and Soma Records.

Her own sound takes inspiration from UK rave. “I have always been interested in the 90s rave scene, especially in the UK and the US, probably as I never got to be part of it,” she writes. “It is the nostalgic and authentic sound that I love. I have heard many stories about the 90s raves from older DJs and thanks to these people, my knowledge for this scene and the essential records played during this era, have had a major role in shaping me as a DJ.”

“In a way, I am trying to recapture the essence of what made that era so great, the collective spiritual energy. I’ve been buying up a lot of early to mid-90s records to play alongside the brand new acid and warehouse-y stuff that I am immersed in.”

IDA plays at The Warehouse Project: Curated by Daniel Avery, Manchester, 20 October