Through his productions and his regular Underground Quality label parties in Berlin, DJ Jus-Ed has proven himself as a master of simplicity.

The label has, for years, been showcasing exactly what its name suggests. Jus-Ed – a seasoned lynchpin of the New York house sound – has developed a home for releases that capture a classic kind of energy without ever slipping into generic waters. That manifesto is clearly present on this Crack Mix.

Starting off in the smoky, deeper depths of a quintessentially New York house sound, Jus-Ed builds to a foggy first climax before the sweet release into brighter, airier climes. Clocking in just shy of one hour, sounds from the periphery are mixed masterfully to create the kind of uncomplicated magic Jus-Ed always brings to the dancefloor.

Jus-Ed appears at Brave! Factory, Kiev, 23-24 August